As part of the new permanent lighting installation for London’s downstream bridges, Southwark and Blackfriars bridges have been lit with stunning colour change effects.

Part funded by the GLA, and based on a design by the City of London’s lighting and engineering department, the two bridges feature two colours at a time that gradually change, moving from side to side across the bridges. In order to synchronise with other bridges, at each hour on the hour the bridges move to a single solid colour.

Neil Arnold, lighting engineer with the City of London, tested numerous floodlights for the job and found that for these particular bridges, the Neos 2 LED floodlight was the only product with the size and distribution to achieve the solid colour they were after from a single unit.

Schréder provided the Neos 2 LED already wired with power and data cables in order to simplify installation, as well as the controls from Pharos.
Design: Neil Arnold, John Burke, Marlon Edwards – City of London

In this video you can watch another great work in collaboration with Schreder Group.