Construction of “Arena Riga”
From May 2004 to February 1, 2006

Arena opening
February 15, 2006

Height of the building
24 meters

Length of the building
140 meters

Total area
22 568 square meters

Area of the Arena
33×63 meters

Carrying capacity of the roof
60 tonnu

Size of the video cubes
3,7×2,6 meters

The building site area
10 861 square meters

1640 posts in the depth of 36 meters

Cubic capacity
232 300 cubic meters


Ice Hockey   10300

Basketball    11200

Full Hall        14500

SBP lights 2006 Ice Hockey World Championship

A total of 94 SBP fittings were used to illuminate the area with a combination of RAY 1000W/2000W and SKYS 1000W/2000W HID floodlights.

– Horizontal average Lux Level: 2422 Lux 
– Uniformity level (Emin/Eave): 0,87 
– Average vertical Lux level towards main TV camera: 1744 Lux
– Uniformity level (Emin/Eave): 0,71

– Horizontal average Lux Level: 1876 Lux 
– Uniformity level (Emin/Eave): 0,85 
– Average vertical Lux level towards main TV camera: 1510 Lux
– Uniformity level (Emin/Eave): 0,83

– Horizontal average Lux Level: 1494 Lux
– Uniformity level (Emin/Eave): 0,82
– Average vertical Lux level towards main TV camera: 1178 Lux
– Uniformity level (Emin/Eave): 0,79

SBP provided full pre and post technical sales support throughout the project, from the initial submittal of lighting design to the presence of on site lighting engineers during the final aiming of floodlights.

The “Arena Riga” has a capacity to seat more than 12,000 visitors. During the hockey championship an allocation of almost 500,000 tickets were available to cover the 56 matches between 16 international teams.

Although the hockey championship is one of the first and certainly the most ambitious of events in the multifunctional hall, this competition on ice is by no means the only attraction offered by the arena. The hall can quickly be transformed from an ice rink to a concert or conference venue, and during the coming spring it will stage a series of concerts as well as other national and international events.

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